The Princess

The Princess

The Bush River Yacht Club (BRYC) Princess is a position that is won through a competition that is held each year among the Princess applicants. These applicants are intelligent young ladies who aspire to represent our club around the Chesapeake Bay during their tenure.

Serving as a Princess of the BRYC or any club around the Bay is a huge undertaking for any exceptionally bright and talented young women. It is a role just like the Officers of the Bridge. It requires copious amounts of her time and effort as a young adult representative of the club.

Most young ladies who win the title of Princess have set goals in mind as they enter their year, whether it be fundraising, achieving a sense of community at their club, or winning the coveted Queen’s Competition. Most girls are students with a drive and passion for helping others. For this reason, many charities around the Chesapeake Bay region benefit greatly from their work – either through their volunteer hours, or through generous donations.

Several of these young ladies have won the Princess competition more than once and have served multiple years in order to most effectively impact their community. From the time they are crowned to the time they relinquish the title to the next deserving young lady, they are surrounded by a group of extremely cultured people in the boating community including the Officers and members within our club, other clubs around the Bay and members of a very influential community. This helps them establish lifelong connections as well as lasting friendships.

We do not have a princess for the 2017-18 season. However, there are several in training at the club!